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Summer School: Expand your Business Knowledge while Discovering Monaco
13 juillet 2015

Summer School: Expand your Business Knowledge while Discovering Monaco

The Summer School is an exciting and challenging opportunity to study and visit all that Monaco has to offer.

The Summer School offered two sessions on business and marketing. It was a great opportunity to live the Monaco experience through an academic course, and extra-curriculum activities. Indeed, as part of the Summer school, the students had the opportunity to discover Monaco in a fun way. Thus, IUM has organized a selfie contest: in teams of 4/5, they had to take pictures in front of different places in Monaco such as the Oceanographic Museum, the Exotic Garden, the Casino, the Cathedral of Monaco, and the Prince’s Palace. It was a way for them to get to know each other a bit more and handle cultural differences in working together!

International Challenges & Multicultural Management: June 1-12

The first two weeks provided an introduction to the theory, concept and practice of business in an international environment. It focused on the international challenges, intercultural management and opportunities associated with organizational management and business. Students attended classes such as « Introduction to International Business and Strategic Thinking », « Sells Component in International Business » and « Multicultural Challenges ». Besides classes, students also attended company presentation with Mr. Thierry MANI, Mecaplast (who is facing multicultural challenges in his company). They also had the chance to listen to Mr. Pazzaglia from the Monaco Welcome & Business Office (MWBO) who explained the difficulties and the expectations of opening a company in Monaco.

International Marketing: Premium Services: June 15-26

In the last two weeks students became familiar with the key concepts and activities related to international marketing, finance and premium services. Communication skills were enhanced through a consideration of the techniques of marketing and students were introduced to the particularities of the luxury sector and Monaco’s role in this area. Thus, they had the opportunity to visit one of the most prestigious hotels in the French Riviera, « Hotel du Cap at St Jean Cap Ferrat« . The talk given by the Director of the Hotel made them understand the expectations of the clients and the constraints of the hotel management industry. Then the visit of the recently refurbished « Yatch Club of Monaco » completed their understanding of all aspects of the Luxury hospitality sector.


« The Summer School at IUM brings forth a opportunity to meet people from different cultures. The professors are highly educated and experienced. The classes are very interactive and allow students to exchange and debate about several topics. My purpose to join the Summer School was to get an upgrade and update on the latest trends in the marketing world. And, I am absolutely happy with decision to join the summer course. » Sonia Seth, Indian

« During summer school, I got to meet a lot of people that helped me through the process of college life. I’ve learned first and foremost about Monaco. The outings and experiences the university has provided me as a student were very engaging and kept me interested and curious about what else i could learn. The two courses i have taken gave me a taste of what it would be like to enroll here as a full time student. I’ve met great personalities that are helping in shaping my education and it would be an amazing opportunity to be part of the IUM campus life, not just for me but for anybody who would be given the chance. » Roy Tabet, Lebanese

« It was a pretty intense course in all aspects. I learned a lot, teachers are always attentive to every student and their development. Classes are updated and interactive, the faculty is always helpful and nice, it´s a good vibe for summer school. » Priscilla Araujo, Brazilian


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